Welcome to the team!

Welcome aboard Orangebox Enterprises. You may be working for one of our subsidiaries, but we’re all one family culture. We put this introduction page together to welcome you and get you ready for your first day. Please check out the following video!

1. Access Your Tools

OKTA is a Single Sign On (SSO) service. This website will be the home of all of your web applications and job role websites. Using OKTA allows us to make sure your accounts are secure while reducing the amount of passwords our employees have to remember to one!

2. Ask For Help

If you have difficulty in any way, just let us know. we’re all here to help! You may ask your fellow coworkers, mentors, or supervisors for assistance. If you run into a technical problem, we also have a support ticket system you can report issues to. Send us an email at [email protected].

3. Get Training

Everyone starts with training. We’ve put together online courses that bring you up to speed and give you the prerequisite background for succeeding in your particular role.